"The strongest and most powerful force in your mind is its need to act in ways that match your thinking. Everything starts with a thought" Marisa Peer

What is RTT®?


RTT® (rapid transformational therapy) is an award winning, unique and powerful  solution-based therapy developed and pioneered by Marisa Peer, internationally renowned therapist, hypnotherapy trainer, motivational speaker and author.

You may have spent countless hours, weeks, months, even years (and money) trying different therapies to help you be more confident, to overcome anxiety, depression and negative thinking or to recover from eating disorders and  struggles with your body image and weight – only to find short-lived relief and results!  The reason being, most traditional types of therapy often fail to pin point the root cause of your subconscious beliefs, thoughts and behaviour patterns from childhood, so you fall back into old habits.

RTT® uses the most effective concepts from hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and begins by accessing the memory and recall of your subconscious mind to find the limiting beliefs that hold you back and helps you uncover where, ​when, how and​ ​why​ ​you​ ​developed​ ​your​ ​presenting​ ​issue or problem, usually in childhood. ​This insight​ ​provides ​you​ with ​a​ ​deeper​ ​understanding​ ​of​ ​the​ ​root, ​​the​ ​cause​ ​and the​ ​reason​ ​for​ ​your​ ​problem or issue and once you have this, we then use powerful interventions and tools to reframe those beliefs and begin to reprogramme your mind to build new neural pathways that replace your out-dated belief systems and negative behavior patterns with new, positive, empowering beliefs that serve and support you and help you achieve what you want in your life.

​Change happens rapidly with most issues being resolved in ​1​ ​-​ ​3 sessions​ ​over 90 days or less. As expected, the more complex, deeper-rooted issues like anxiety and depression usually need several sessions for the transformation to be fully realised.


of RTT®




Cognitive Behavioural Therapy



RTT® combines the most beneficial elements of psychotherapy,

hypnotherapy, CBT and NLP and gets to the subconscious root cause of

what’s holding you back. Informed by neuroscience, specifically

neuroplasticity – it helps and has the ability to create new neural

pathways in the brain!

That’s why RTT® works for a range of issues:

Boosting your self-esteem and


Achieving your personal and

professional goals

Speaking and performing

with confidence, ease and impact

Overcoming stress, worry, anxiety

and depression

Dealing with weight and eating

disorder issues

Adopting healthy mind and body

habits to help you stay resilient and


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I’ve had the privilege of being trained personally by Marisa Peer and am one of her approved RTT® Therapists. I’m also incredibly proud to be part of Marisa Peer’s training and mentoring team, training people all over the world to become RTT® Practitioners and Therapists so they can help transform others’ lives too.

I’m an experienced coach, clinical hypnotherapist, trainer and mentor, with over 30 years healthcare experience and a unique combination of qualifications and skills in psychology, nutrition, behaviour change, leadership and personal development so you are in safe, capable and professional hands with me.

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