Believe🙌 , Achieve🎯, Succeed🥇


If you’ve been engrossed in the Olympics like I have, you’ll know there’s nothing quite like it to inspire us and witness in action, how crucial your mindset, self-belief and mental health are in realising your dreams and achieving your goals.

We’ve had some inspirational role models “walking the talk” over the last 2 weeks.

Adam Peaty for one with his supreme confidence, champion self-belief and world-class mindset in the pool. His take on visualisation is that it “can be the most powerful thing you could harness in terms of preparation”.

Charlotte Worthington, having fallen after her first attempt, visualising her moves before her second run to become the first woman ever to pull off a 360 backflip to win the BMX gold.

Sky Brown, the incredible 13-year old skateboarder who had everyone on their feet as she became the youngest ever British medallist. You’d never have known that only a year ago she crashed out, fracturing her skull, breaking her arm and damaging her stomach and lungs – her parents wanted her to give it up but invincible Sky knew without a doubt that she was going to Tokyo!

Then on the flip-side Simone Biles, most decorated gymnast in history plagued by a mental block known as the “twisties”. I can only imagine the pain and disappointment she must have felt but really admired her for putting her mental health and self-care first.

What’s the inspiration and learning for us mere mortals?

We’re all human and can achieve our goals and realise our dreams by seeing it, believing it, feeling it, knowing it and taking action to do it and making sure we surround ourselves with people who can help us make it happen!

As Muhammad Ali famously quoted:

“If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it – then I can achieve it.”

If you’d like to know more about how I can help you believe in yourself, realise your potential and succeed in achieving your goals, book a complimentary connection session and let’s have a chat.

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