Boost Your Resilience Hypnosis Bundle

Transforming Your Mindset, Boosting Your Resilience,

Raising Your Vibration and Helping You Thrive in

Challenging Times!

Too much anxiety, worry and stress affects our motivation and behaviour and also stimulates those stress hormones, that, if left circulating in us day after day can really take a toll on our health, wellbeing and immune system. Now is not the time for a weakened immune system.

How we respond to stress and challenging situations in our life is all down to our
personal resilience. The more resilient we are, the better we can handle a situation and help those around us to handle it too. Research has shown we’re also 6 times less likely to get depressed and be happier, healthier, more effective as a leader and perform better in the workplace if we’re more resilient.

Your mental, emotional and physical resilience is influenced by your thoughts, beliefs, mindset, habits, behaviours and skills and the good news is we all have the capacity to build and strengthen it. This Boost Your Resilience Bundle can help you do just that and there’s never been a better time than now!

This is for you if you want to shift from:

Stressed out to chilled out
Anxious to calm 
Sleepless to sleepwell

Exhausted to energised

Lethargic to motivated

Feeling out of control to being

back in charge!

The Boost Your Resilience Bundle includes:

A 26 Page E-Guide

Full of mindset tips, health boosting information, suggested daily practices and inspirational quotes to support your wellbeing and help keep your vibe high.

Morning Motivator

A hypnosis audio to listen to first thing in the morning as you wake up to start your day off in a positive frame of mind and with positive intentions for a great day ahead.

Sleep Well

A hypnosis audio to listen to last thing at night as you get into bed to help you switch off and drift off into a blissful and restorative sleep at the end of your day.

Resilience and Immune Booster

A hypnosis audio to motivate you to adopt healthy, immune and brain boosting habits to help you stay resilient and well.

Happy Clients

“I’d like to say “thank you” Cathy. I am elderly and have suffered from insomnia for the past 20 years and last year was diagnosed with COPD. Since being in self isolation, because of the corona virus, l have been struggling with being quite anxious. I have used your hypnosis audio every night now for 7 nights and I look forward to getting in bed and turning it on. I’m hoping to still be as positive at the end of my isolation”.


“I am so glad I took advantage of the offer, it has added value in more ways than I could imagine. As a small business owner with MS , the last few weeks have been incredibly anxious and stressful. I know that stress and lack of control is a massive trigger for me and the last thing I need (and was a real possibility) on top of everything was to have a relapse. The immune booster recordings have been a blessing and I cannot thank Cathy enough; the change was instant. The first night was the most peaceful sleep and I woke up feeling refreshed and no mental fogginess. Since I started listening to the recordings (at time of writing 6 days) I have been achieving 8 hours a sleep every night, am making better food choices and am exercising everyday focusing on making myself stronger. My mental and physical health has improved tenfold as has my approach to dealing with anxiety and stress. The recordings have provided me with a strategy and removed the vicious circle of anxiety, lack of sleep, comfort eating and drinking, impaired judgement. This is an incredibly valuable tool to combat the extreme challenges we all face today – it won’t solve your problems but it will give you a fighting chance”.


Small Business Owner

“I’m having amazing results from the Resilience Booster recording – in less than a week I’m calm and in control and facing work challenges with ease and flow. I have a sense of calm, clarity and focus. Thanks it’s wonderful to have such a break through and break free of limiting beliefs.”


Community Care Worker