Deep Relaxation and Inner Calm Hypnosis Audio


2020 has been a life-changing year and the start of 2021 has us all feeling heightened emotions. Almost 85% of us in the UK have said we’re feeling stressed, anxious and depressed as a result of COVID and the effects it’s had on our daily lives.

So, I’d like to offer you this free Deep Relaxation and Inner Calm Hypnosis Audio to help if you’re feeling stressed and anxious right now.

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Stress is a major factor in mental health problems including anxiety and depression and also affects our physical health contributing to heart disease, insomnia, digestive problems and weakening our immune system. Now is not the time to have a weakened immune system.

Using the power of your mind to change how you respond to stress and relaxing your body by listening to guided relaxation audios is a helpful way to keep your stress in check and boost your mental resilience.

The health benefits of relaxation and meditation have been well researched and they have a significant impact on reducing stress and anxiety levels by reducing the physiological effect of the stress response, particularly in lowering your heart rate, breathing rate and blood pressure as well as gaining a whole load of other health benefits at the same time.

Go from “Stressed out to Chilled Out” in 20 minutes with this Deep Relaxation and Inner Calm hypnosis audio.


  • Going from anxious and stressed to feeling calm and relaxed
  • Getting a peaceful night’s sleep and waking up feeling refreshed
  • Being clear thinking and focused instead of fuzzy and sluggish.

You can achieve this and so much more by practising deep relaxation!

Give it a try just before going to sleep every night to recharge, rewire and code into you better sleep, calmness, phenomenal coping skills and a more relaxed, resilient you!

Here's how people are finding it:

  • "Absolutely amazing - I've just listened to it and W.O.W - I feel amazing and totally relaxed "
  • "You really need to try this "
  • "This meditation is awesome! Cathy you have such a calm voice and I was asleep by the end!"
  • "I get transported to a whole new dimension and feel incredibly peaceful, calm and relaxed. It's like being wrapped up in a bubble of love and safety! Thank you for helping me feel more calm on a daily basis!"

Just download the freebie and start listening today.


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